Monday, 20 April 2015

Manna: Spring 2015 Issue

I've recently completed work on the Spring 2015 issue of Manna magazine which is now available to view online. Manna is a quarterly, 24 page publication designed by Graphic Bubble for The Diocese of Bath & Wells.

The Spring issue focuses on Truth: who do I believe? As Editor Helen Hawthorne explains, "We all have our own truth. Beginning with the values we hold and the moral framework which we have (mostly) inherited from our upbringing. We then make judgments based on our growing knowledge as the years pass. We read newspapers, listen to the radio; we go online; we converse with others. Every encounter, of which we have hundreds every single day, feeds our brain and goes in to our ever-bubbling knowledge ‘pots’. Given so much information on offer, how do we discern the real truth?

"Revd Noel Hector takes the oath as his starting point in examining the concept of the ‘whole truth’ in his lead article. In our feature we speak to a range of people all with unique experience in key areas that shape our ideas of what is true: advertising, research and religion. Who do we believe?

"BBC broadcaster Lucy Tegg shares insight into uncovering truth in the media, followed by a thought-provoking short story from local author Susan Sallis. Samuel Pointer shares his powerful faith journey following his confirmation last autumn. The last word, Soul Food, reflects on Jesus and the truth, asking if absolute truth can ever exist. Is it in fact at odds with the fallibility of the human condition? I hope you find fresh insight and inspiration here."

To view a digital version of the magazine click here or on the animation below.