Friday, 25 November 2016

Manna: Autumn 2016 Issue

I have recently completed work on the Autumn issue of Manna magazine for the Diocese of Bath & Wells. Manna is an A4 quarterly, 24 page publication designed by Graphic Bubble.

Here are Editor Sam Ford's comments from the latest issue; “It seems that our school days are ones we so often remember — not least, perhaps, because in this country children wear uniforms. In conversation, we frequently return to memories of school, this teacher, that punishment, the thrill of sport and misbehaving, complex grammar on hot afternoons. Mixed memories but strong ones.

“We must say a sad farewell to Helen Hawthorne who has served as feature writer this last year. She’s now in full-time education herself, studying counselling and psychotherapy as well as looking after the family. Her last piece for Manna explores the depth and character of education in Church schools.

“Even when school’s been uninspiring it’s nevertheless right to respect authority, do the right thing and pay attention – fun’s for later. Education’s changed so much in recent times but as long as it’s just a drilling ground for gainful employment then it’s not a process that works for the person as God made them. What of challenging injustice, reaching out to the foreigner, understanding the issues we begin to realise are global? These are basic biblical teachings but ones that the whole world could see the sense of. So, pay attention!”

To view a digital version of the magazine click here or on the animation below.

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