Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Manna: Winter 2017 Issue

I have recently completed work on the Winter '17 issue of Manna magazine for the Diocese of Bath & Wells. Manna is an A4 quarterly, 24 page publication designed by Graphic Bubble.

Here are Editor Sam Ford's thoughts on the latest issue; “What’s the story? What’s your story? Countless circumstances, people, places and events go into forming who we are. If we trust in a God who’s the source of it all then every single bit of it is immeasurably important. But not as important as the story to come – the story we get to write ourselves. Helping tell the story of the diocese as I’ve been here on maternity cover has been hugely exciting. God is at work in everything at the most complex level and soaks it in glory. Having eyes of faith to see that is one of the challenges we face. The face of Christ is in everyone we meet so the challenge is how to be Christ and to reveal Christ to those people. All things are caught up in the story of Christ but it’s through that Gospel story that we know the story goes on, that there is one story of us all. The Church is a choral harmony of difference and individuality. It echoes in the cathedral of the universe to the glory of its redeemer. We are one in the one we call Lord.”

To view a digital version of the magazine click here or on the animation below.