Monday, 31 July 2017

Manna: Summer 2017 Issue

I have recently designed the Summer '17 issue of Manna magazine for the Diocese of Bath and Wells. Manna is an A4 quarterly, with this issue extended to 28 pages due to the 4 page Annual Review insert. This included a full page infographic on page 16.

Here are Editor Louise Willmot's thoughts on the latest issue; “It can be hard to recognise our own personal gifts, indeed more than one interviewee for this issue expressed concern that they did not have a gift worthy of talking about. I hope you will join me in disagreeing with them and find many stories to inspire you to consider what your personal gifts are and how you can release them.

“As James Cary points out in our opening article, being witnesses to the Gospel of Jesus Christ is something we need to do together ̶ in the workplace, in the home and society at large. James was reflecting on the message he took away from the presentation on the ‘Setting God’s People Free’ report at General Synod and you can find out more about that in our interview with one of its authors, Alison Coulter.

“If you find yourself mulling over your gifts as you sit sipping something cold in the (hopefully) warm summer sunshine, you may like to consider your next steps in your personal journey. We’ve also included a few ideas to help you do that.

“And just as 98 per cent of the Church of England is laity, so is the balance of contributions to this issue of Manna. As Alison says, it is the small things that will add up to make a difference. Just think what we can achieve.”

To view a digital version of the magazine click here or on the image below.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Swallow Charity - Bath Half Marathon 2018 Poster

I have recently completed work on this Bath Half Marathon 2018 Poster for SWALLOW Charity based in Midsomer Norton. The client wanted a colourful and eye catching design to help encourage runners to support the charity.

SWALLOW is a charity led by its members, teenagers and adults with learning disabilities. They respond to individual needs by providing flexible support.

Find out more about the Swallow Charity and how you can support them here: