Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Friends' Newsletter for the University of Bristol Botanic Garden: Autumn 2017

I have recently completed the Autumn 2017 issue of the Friends' Newsletter for the University of Bristol Botanic Garden. This is an A5, 32 page, quarterly publication regularly designed by myself.

Here are the Editors comments from the latest issue: “How quickly the seasons change! And this year our seasons seem to be rather more changeable than usual but the stoic Brits cope whatever happens even if it is a major topic of conversation.

“In the Botanic Garden so far this year there have been a number of very successful events and there are still to come. The summer exhibition has been on since late July and is evoking a tremendous interest, and the annual Bee and Pollination Festival is as usual on the first weekend in September. We do hope that the concert on the Downs will not stop our visitors attending as great efforts have been made to ensure there are no problems with parking.

“Please enjoy reading this issue and we look forward to seeing you at all the activities that are taking place over the next few months.”

For more information about the Botanic Garden view their website here: www.bristol.ac.uk/botanic-garden.

Below is the cover from the Autumn issue.